Kracher-NHM Vienna

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien
Burgring 7
1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: + 43 (1) 521 77 – 0

Visitor’s entrance:
1010 Vienna

Vienna is a well connected city with an extensive public transport network and can be easily explored by foot or bicycle. The Natural History Museum is located in the heart of Vienna and is reachable by bus, tram and metro, making it a convenient location to get to.
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Vienna has a number of different activities to keep visitors of all tastes entertained. For more information on sightseeing, shopping, wining & dining, practical tips, including opening times (e.g. museums, shops, banks, post offices) emergency phone numbers, WiFi spots etc. click here

Vienna’s bar and restaurant scene is booming, the Viennese coffee house is famous around the world, locally sourced food and beer are hallmarks of dining in Vienna and a thriving vegetarian scene mean you are sure to find something suited to your taste.
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